The question everyone wants to know – Is superfast broadband available to me? 

iNorthumberland’s goal is to reach 95% coverage of superfast broadband in the county by the end of 2017. Most people can access superfast broadband already, or your area may well be part of future plan to get us closer to our goal.

Unfortunately some new housing estates are being built without access to superfast broadband services. To find out more about this issue click here.

Please insert your post code in the availability checker to see what we’re doing in your area and then follow the instructions to find out more. 

The coverage can also be viewed on an interactive map. Please note that this is an approximate coverage area and subject to change.

Alternatively coverage information about superfast broadband and mobile phone services is available via Ofcom’s website

The availability checker is based on postcode rather than individual property level data, therefore in some cases actual availability at your property may vary. However, if you have any queries please use the contact form to get in touch.


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Please insert your post code to see what we’re doing in your area.

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