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We want to make Northumberland a place that attracts new business, helps enterprise flourish and gives everyone the opportunity to make the most of the latest technology.

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  • How superfast broadband can benefit your business
  • Support available to businesses in Northumberland
  • Case studies of businesses in Northumberland that have already benefited from superfast broadband
  • What’s happening in your area.
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We are committed to ensuring that the economic and social benefits which modern digital communications will help deliver are accessible to everyone who lives in Northumberland.

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  • How superfast broadband can benefit you in your home
  • Support available to people who live in Northumberland
  • How to get involved to help support others to get online
  • What’s happening in your area.
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Working with a range of suppliers, Arch Digital, on behalf of Northumberland County Council, are committed to providing an improved broadband service across Northumberland. Find out where and when broadband improvements are planned to be rolled out across the county by:

  • checking our Northumberland broadband roll out map
  • using our postcode checker.

Our postcode checker will also give you an indication of some of the broadband options that may be available to you in your area.

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Many people who already have a broadband connection do not realise to benefit from fibre broadband you need to upgrade your existing package. An engineer needs to visit your property and install additional equipment as the higher speeds do not happen automatically.

A fibre broadband package does not necessarily mean you have to pay more for your broadband, and some users save money when switching to a fibre broadband service. You should talk to your existing provider first, especially if you are part way through a contract, but better deals may be available with other providers so it is always worth shopping around.

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