Superfast broadband refers to a broadband connection with download speeds of 30 Mbps or above.

A superfast broadband connection provides a faster and more reliable internet connection, enabling multiple users within a home or business premise to surf the internet, download documents, music and video and stream high definition television – something that many people in Northumberland struggle to do with standard broadband. Superfast broadband also provides higher upload speeds making it easier to send large files, share photos and videos and back up important information in the cloud. Click here to see more of the benefits of upgrading to superfast broadband.

To see your current broadband speed you can perform a speed test here (external link)

Upgrade now – The faster speeds do not happen automatically!

To benefit you need to contact an internet service provider of your choice. The service is available from most providers and in many cases people do not need to pay more – see How much is it?

Even if you are happy with your existing broadband supplier we recommend you use our price comparison tool before contacting them.

A full list of internet service providers is also available at (external link).

If our availability checker states that superfast broadband is available in your postcode and you are unable to upgrade with your chosen provider, please get in touch with us and let us know – don’t just assume it is unavailable.

Please note that some superfast broadband services in Northumberland are not delivered via the Openreach network. These will not be displayed on our price comparison site or on the Openreach list of providers. 

Watch the video below for more details on how to upgrade to superfast fibre broadband.

Availability Checker

We are currently experiencing issues with the post code checker on our website. For an up to date view on plans for your area please email us.

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