bannerSuperfast broadband is now available to over 90% of properties in Northumberland.

Unfortunately an increasing frustration among people in Northumberland is that many of the new houses on current developments are being built without access to superfast broadband services. This is a commercial arrangement between the developer and a provider such as Openreach or Virgin Media. Public funding cannot be used to upgrade these areas at present and therefore if a development is being built without access to superfast broadband services there is unfortunately little we can do. If your developer is unwilling to pay for the upgrade to superfast broadband you may be able to obtain a quote for a community funded upgrade from Openreach or register your interest for future coverage with Virgin Media.

This is an issue summarised in this article from the Think Broadband published in March 2018.

An investigation in April 2017 by into ‘why broadband in Britain’s new-builds is so dreadful: only 1 in 20 homebuilders is confident it’s even available’ can be viewed here.

Results of a recent poll in The Guardian
Results of a recent poll in The Guardian

Slow broadband speeds can wipe as much as 20 per cent off the value of properties and lack of superfast connectivity in an area can be a dealbreaker in house sales, according to this article from the Daily Telegraph published in 2014.

Many developers recognise the importance of superfast broadband and have agreed with Openreach or Virgin Media to install fibre to each property. In some cases where the development was under construction prior to 2012 it has been possible for the iNorthumberland programme to provide a superfast broadband service as part of our fibre roll out programme with BT.

Many people take it for granted that superfast broadband will be available in new developments, this is however not always the case – in one example in Blyth new residents were only able to receive broadband speeds of less than 2 Mbps (compared to a UK average of 28.9 Mbps in 2016 according to Ofcom), fortunately this has now been addressed via an Openreach community funded upgrade and residents can now benefit from speeds of 60-80 Mbps.

We therefore encourage everyone to check the broadband service available when thinking about moving home. Use our postcode checker or get in touch with us via for more details.

Once you’re in the process of moving home take a look at this guide for tips on how to set up your broadband service.

If you are a housing developer please find further information about how to provide fibre services with Openreach or Virgin Media.

Below is a list of current new developments that we know do not currently have superfast broadband services installed.

  • Coquet Grange, Amble (Persimmon)

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