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Simultaneous use

It can be incredibly difficult for all of the family to be using the internet at the same time with a slow connection.  With superfast broadband your family can do their work in the office, watch movies online and download new songs whenever they want and play games with friends all over the world – all at the same time.

Stream TV shows and movies in seconds

Whether you want to download high definition films, catch up on your favourite TV programme through on demand services, view the box set of your favourite comedy show through your smart TV, download music or stream live radio you will need a high speed broadband service. The following statistics from the Which? website show how long certain tasks take with a variety of broadband speeds.

Keep in touch with friends and family

Superfast broadband can make a big difference to how you stay in touch with friends and family. You’ll no longer be restricted to making traditional phone calls and instead have access to a range of free video chat applications such as FaceTime or Skype. This can help you stay in touch friends or family across the world without costly phone bills. If you have poor mobile phone coverage in your area you can use features such as Wi-Fi Calling to make and receive phone calls.

Download and play games online

With fibre broadband, you are much less likely to lose your connection or suffer from ‘lag’ issues. Play online with friends all over the world or download the newest games online on the day of release rather than needing to visit the shops!

Social networking

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are mainly used for sharing photos and videos. A fast internet connection is needed both to upload your media and to view your friends’ posts.

File Storage

People are increasingly storing photos, documents, music and videos online in ‘the cloud’ through services such as iCloud, Flickr and Google Drive, rather than on their home computer. Fast upload and download speeds are therefore critical.

Health & Wellbeing

With online courses supported by video, audio and interactive questions, high speed broadband can provide better access to education and learning opportunities. Look for employment opportunities online and have access to a greater range of jobs.

Simultaneous use

If you have a number of employees sharing a broadband connection then high speed broadband can enable several people to be online at the same time, downloading or transferring files or video conferencing. In some cases you may be paying for several existing connections therefore high speed broadband may save you money.

Keep your data safe and access it anywhere

With high speed broadband you can host your documents remotely or through a range of ‘cloud’ services such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Sharepoint. This means you can access your data from anywhere with an internet connection and ensure it remains safe.

Cut your business calls and travelling costs

Video conferencing means you can still talk face to face with customers and colleagues, but cuts down on the time and expense of travelling. High speed broadband also allows you to make use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology for free or very low cost telephone calls over the internet.

Offer good Wi-Fi to your customers

Businesses such as cafes, hotels, holiday cottages and shops are under pressure to offer Wi-Fi access. With a high speed broadband connection your business could offer a fast and reliable service to customers without impacting on the day to day needs of your own business. For tips on how to provide Wi-Fi to customers click here.

Have a better website and digital presence

With high speed broadband it is much easier to maintain a website and trade online. High speed broadband will also enable your website to include high quality pictures and videos meaning visitors will get a richer experience.

Improve your work life balance

High speed broadband will enable you and any employees to work from home more efficiently, improving work/life balance and reducing the need to travel.

How do I upgrade?

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How much is it?

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